CSR Activities 111

Publisher:Guangzhou DevelopmentDate:2014/10/14 16:45:05

97, and in the same year on July 18 listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. As of December 31, 2013, the company's total share capital of 2.74222 billion shares, including guangzhou development group co., LTD., as the controlling shareholder, holding 1.42029 billion shares, tradable shares limited conditions of sale shares, 288.82 million shares, accounted for 62.33% of the total equity, China Yangtze power co., LTD. As a strategic investor, holding 320.24 million shares, tradable shares accounted for 11.68% of total equity.

     Since listing, the company around the building faces the development strategy of the pearl river delta large comprehensive energy suppliers, implement "notice carefully, the pursuit of excellence, sustainable development" of the enterprise core values, adhere to the combination of industrial operation and capital operation management policy, make full use of the capital market, standardiz

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