Guangdong Yuedian Holding Western Investment Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Yuedian Holding West Investment Co., Ltd., the joint share subsidiary of the Company, was established on June 17, 2003 with the registered capital of RMB273.4 million Yuan. The Company holds 30% equity interests though the wholly-owned subsidiary Guangzhou Development Electric Power Investment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yuedian Group holds 35% equity interests, Guangdong Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. holds 26% equity interests and Guangdong Tianneng Investment Co., Ltd. holds 9% equity interests of the company. Guangdong Yuedian Holding West Investment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in investing electric power and related projects and energy projects with its own assets. As the “Guangdong Party”, Yuedian Holding Western Company has established the Guizhou Yueqian Electric Power Co., Ltd. together with Guizhou Xidian Electric Power Co., Ltd. to invest and construct Guizhou Pannan Power Plant Project and holds 55% share interests of the Yueqian Power Co., Ltd. Unit 1 and 2 of Phase I Guizhou Pannan Power Plant Project (2×600MW)have passed the 168-hour full-load trial run and have been put into trial production on April 7, 2006 and November 11, 2006 respectively.?
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